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Business Discovery



Welcome to the Business Discovery Program!

This program is designed to help businesses navigate through the ever-changing market landscape and identify new opportunities and risks. We focus on gaining insight into your target audience and customer problems, evaluating potential solutions and assessing the direction of your mission, and developing innovative ideas to solve customer problems.

  1. Discovery Opportunities: Participants will explore the changing business environment and identify new opportunities and risks.

  2. Discovery Customer Segments: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and segment them into key groups. Gaining insights into their key customers and non-customers.

  3. Discovery Customer Problems: Participants will identify and understand the pressing needs of their customers.

  4. Discovery Customer Alternatives: Participants will evaluate past solutions to customer problems, assess competitors, substitutes, and alternatives for the solution, and determine why traditional alternatives may not be sufficient.

  5. Alignment Mission: Participants will delve into the purpose and promise of their business, and assess if they are aligned with their customers.

  6. Discovery Ideas and Hypothesis: Participants will generate and assess value proposition to customer problems.

  7. Discovery Early Adopter: Participants will identify the most accessible customer segment and those who are willing to provide feedback.

This program is suitable for companies looking to confront market changes, gain deeper insights into their target audience and customer problems, evaluate potential solutions and align their mission, and generate innovative solutions to customer problems.

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