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Gaia-X Basics



++ This course is in progress ++

Introduction to the Gaia-X project, goals and visions, background and context.

  • Technical Fundamentals: Introduction to the key technologies and standards used in Gaia-X, such as cloud computing, data management, data security and privacy, interoperability.

  • Gaia-X Federated Services: Introduction to the various federated services being developed within the framework of the Gaia-X project, such as Identity and Access Management, Data Catalog, Data Flow Management.

  • Application Examples: Examples of industries and applications for which Gaia-X is particularly useful, such as the financial sector, healthcare, energy industry, automotive industry.

  • Implementation of Gaia-X in Companies: Guide to analyzing your own situation and identifying requirements, best practices for implementing Gaia-X in companies.

  • Summary and Outlook: Summary of what was learned and outlook on future developments and challenges in connection with Gaia-X.

The contents to be conveyed include:

  • What is the goal of Gaia-X and what visions does the project have?

  • What technologies and standards are important for Gaia-X?

  • What are federated services and which services are being developed within the framework of Gaia-X?

  • What industries and applications are particularly suitable for Gaia-X?

  • How can Gaia-X be implemented in a company?

  • What challenges and future developments are there in connection with Gaia-X?

Quick Check: What questions does a company need to ask itself to determine if the evaluation of Gaia-X is important or urgent?

To assess whether the evaluation of Gaia-X is important or urgent for a company, the following questions may be helpful:

  • How heavily does our business model rely on the use of cloud services?

  • How important is complying with data protection and security requirements for our company?

  • How often do we use cloud services from providers outside of the EU?

  • How important is the interoperability of our IT systems and infrastructures for our company?

  • How important is promoting digital transformation for our company?

  • How heavily is our company affected by regulatory requirements?

  • How important is international competitiveness for our company?

  • How important is securing our future and growth potential for our company?

  • What impact does the use of cloud services have on our company's market position and competitiveness?

  • How quickly must we be able to adapt to changing requirements and developments?

  • How important can the influence of Web3 be on the business model of your company?

The more questions answered with "very important" or "urgent", the higher the urgency for the company to engage with Gaia-X and explore the opportunities it offers.

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