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Partner Development



Discovery Partner for Growth and Innovation Program: Welcome!

This program is designed to help businesses identify and evaluate potential partners for growth and innovation. Throughout the program, participants will assess the value proposition of potential partners including this parameters:

  • Resources (money, time, knowledge)

  • Relationships (customers, channels, investors, other partners)

  • Technology (products, platforms, process tools)

  • Reputation (visibility, credibility, trust, brand equity)

  • Core competencies (special abilities for execution)

  • Company vision and strategy (purpose, mission, values)

  • Access to new customers (number, brands, type, associations, multipliers)

  • Individual KPIs (depending on the industry and company).

By the end of the program, participants will have a clear understanding of the most valuable partnerships for their business.

But we won't leave you with a target list. We provide operational support.

Our goal is to help you make the most of your partnerships by supporting you in the process of identifying preferred partners, establishing a common vision, and designing joint projects. Our team acts as an ambassador, advisor, and mediator to ensure successful business development and effective partner management.

This program is relevant for companies seeking growth and innovation through partnerships. This could include startups looking to scale quickly, established businesses seeking new markets or technologies, and companies looking to expand their offerings through strategic partnerships.

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